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Op 05 Aug 2018 schreef Chris Mathers uit Lowood, Queensland, Australia  :
Scott... what an inspiration. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your techniques so freely. I\'m beginning a renewed attempt to create some really worthwhile art... mainly for my own pleasure... and reading your notes carefully and observing the detailed stage photographs is allowing me to discover the way to success. Greatly appreciated. Chris Mathers

Op 28 Mar 2018 schreef Marty Garland uit Ireland  :
Hi Scott, Very informative demonstration, thank you

Op 10 May 2017 schreef Deborah Bussiere uit Cumberland USA  :
Hi Scott, I have always had the desire to do portrait painting. I have a BFA in oil painting from a very long time ago. I am just starting to get back into painting by taking some classes at RISD, a nearby art school. I have inspired by your story and impressed by your beautiful work. I was hoping you could answer a few questions. What medium do you use for oils? And, what colors do you use for flesh tones? I just started a portrait of my niece for my final at school. I am trying to use your technique. So far it is motivating me to continue. I too have to like every step of the process in order to put the effort and time to go forward. Thanks again for provided us with your technique and demonstrations. I wish you taught in the USA.

Op 14 Jul 2016 schreef Anne Erickson uit Staten Island, New York, USA  :
Hi Scott- Your work is masterful and a joy to behold. The Devil really is in the details. Thanks much for the demonstration of your historically based technique-now to the canvas! Anne Erickson (Johns Hopkins grad and former student of Howard Bartner)

Op 02 Feb 2015 schreef Devin Van Horn uit Southlake, Texas/ United States  :
Hello Scott! I only just discovered your artwork today. Your painting are just beautiful and an inspiration to me. I'm a beginning portrait painter. Can you give any advice or reference for skin tones? Thank for sharing your technique with others. Keep painting!

Op 14 Jan 2014 schreef Dema Clark uit conway, arkansas, USA  :
Wonderful. Thanks for sharing your technique.

Op 29 Nov 2013 schreef Diana L. Williams uit New Florence, PA 15944 USA  :
How good to see examples of work done the way I do it. I'm a 68 year old self taught artist. I've been working in earnest since the year 2000. My work is recognize locally and I've done successful commissions. I've been able to find no one locally who uses this process. I learned it by reading about the old masters and by studying works at museums. It was so exciting for me to receive and study your article in Artist's Magazine today. Your work is beautiful and I am able to say that I am pleased also to see that my work is acceptable. I just want to emphasize that I am so pleased to see someone else working in this style. It confirms my choice to do portraits this way. Thank you. Diana L. Williams

Op 22 Jan 2013 schreef Michel van der Sanden uit Rotterdam  :
Goed werk. Het suggereert inderdaad een amerikaan geschilderd te zijn. Uw werk behoudt zijn waarde.

Op 29 Aug 2012 schreef henriette simons uit wijk aan zee  :
In 2010 zag ik een portret van een meisje in de etalage in Maastricht. ik liep aan de overkant van de weg. maar ze ving mijn blik, ik heb denk ik wel tien minuten staan kijken. zo mooi, zo kan ik het niet! nu kom ik je tegen bij de portret winkel in utrecht. mijn complimenten..... dat is wat ik je even wou laten weten. Succes! vriendelijke groet, Henriette

Op 08 Aug 2012 schreef Pat Joyce uit Cleveland Ohio USA  :
Hi Scott, I have always loved your work and have painted a couple portraits in black and white oils for commissions, so I decided to attempt to paint with your process, the underpainting in white. Can you tell me why you choose Titanium and Zinc white? Have I made a huge mistake by using Flake white?? I always love studying your beautiful work, Masterful!! Sincerely, Patty